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December 2008

22/12/2008 Seasons Greetings & Our Very Best Wishes for 2009
19/12/2008 New Research Centre Slated for St. Petersburg Military-Medical Academy
18/12/2008 Gerofarm Plan Construction in 2009 of Insulin Dosage Forms Facility in Obolensk
18/12/2008 Iran's Arvin Aman Establishes Presence in Tajikistan
17/12/2008 Iranian Delegation Seeks Cooperation with Tajik Pharma Companies
17/12/2008 South Korea's Dong-A Begins Shipping Zydena to Russian Federation
15/12/2008 Belarus Pharma Giant Completes GMP Facility for Tablet & Capsule Production
12/12/2008 International Biotech Conference Opens in Kazakh Capital
12/12/2008 New Report Estimates Russian Pharma Market to Reach U.S.$23.6bn in 2012
10/12/2008 Russian Pharma Growth Forecast to Slow to 16 Per Cent in 2009
10/12/2008 Russia Supports Legally Binding Mechanism for Verifying Compliance with Bioweapons Convention
10/12/2008 Kazakhstan's President Nazarbaev Visits Karaganda Pharmaceutical Cluster
9/12/2008 Large-Scale Investments Scheduled for Biological Facilities by Russia's Biosecurity Programme
9/12/2008 Minsk Researchers Develop New Anti-Inflammatory Drug
8/12/2008 First Stage of Lysine Production Plant is Commissioned in Russia's Chuvash Republic
5/12/2008 Credit Squeeze Delays Opening of U.S.$250-300 Million Irkutsk Biofuels Plant
3/12/2008 Counterfeit Medicines Plant Uncovered in Obolensk
3/12/2008 Russia Proposes U.S.$105 Million JV in India to Manufacture New-Generation Antibiotics
2/12/2008 Biotechnology Workshop Aimed at EU-CIS Partnership Opens in Astana
2/12/2008 Russia's Pharmacy Chain 36.6 Reports Increase of Sales to U.S.$813.2 Million in 9M 2008
1/12/2008 Ufa's Immunopreparat Produces 700,000 Doses of Rabies Vaccine
1/12/2008 Ukraine Discusses Establishment of Lab Network to Monitor Biothreats

November 2008

26/11/2008 Global Pharma Players Invited to Establish Research & Manufacturing Centres in Russia
25/11/2008 Russia's OCT Forms Strategic Partnership with Chinese CRO
25/11/2008 Russian Nanotechnology Corporation Eyes Up Potential Biotech Projects
21/11/2008 Kirov Delegation Seeks Investment from Russian Biotechnology Corporation
19/11/2008 Moscow Meeting to Discuss Russian Participation in Human Proteome Initiative
18/11/2008 Russia's Recombinant Insulin Manufacturers Highlight Diabetes Threat
18/11/2008 U.S.$18.9 Million GMP Pharma Production Facility Opens in Tatarstan
17/11/2008 Lithuania's Sanitas Reports U.S.$5.31 Million Profit for Q1-Q3 2008
14/11/2008 Russia's Institute of Human Stem Cells Acquires Holding in Germany's Symbiotec
13/11/2008 Tomsk State University Wins Awards for Bioremediation Technology
13/11/2008 Russian Chemical & Biological Defence Troops Mark 90th Anniversary
12/11/2008 Verofarm's Preliminary 9M Results Indicate 39 Per Cent Rise in Sales to U.S.$128 Million
12/11/2008 Russia's Chumakov Poliomyelitis Institute Concludes Manufacturing Agreement with Sanofi Pasteur
10/11/2008 Russia's Biotechnology Corporation Plans to Invest U.S.$1.5 Billion in 30 Biofuel Plants
7/11/2008 Latvia's Grindex Reports U.S.$14 Million Profit in Q1-Q3 2008
7/11/2008 Kazakh Science Minister Visits Lead Molecular Biology Institute
5/11/2008 Kazakh National Biotechnology Centre Receives European Quality Award
4/11/2008 Saratov Oblast' Holds Meeting on Local Pharma Industry
3/11/2008 Project HOPE Charity Delivers U.S.$13 Million of Pharma & Medical Products to Tajikistan

October 2008

31/10/2008 Russian Government Creates Council for the Development of the Pharma Industry
30/10/2008 Indian Interest in Construction of Voronezh Pharma Plant
30/10/2008 Latvia's Grindex Forecasts Turnover of U.S.$117 Million in 2008
29/10/2008 Anti-Terrorist Exercise Held at Siberian Smallpox Repository
28/10/2008 Pharmacy Chain 36.6 Sales Increase to U.S.$820.7 Million in 9M 2008
27/10/2008 Russia's Gerofarm Unveils Plans for Construction of U.S.$18.6 Million Pharma Plant
14/10/2008 Biotechnology Council Created in Kirov Oblast'
9/10/2008 Kyrgyz President Opens U.S.$5 Million Pharma Plant in Bishkek
8/10/2008 Death Announced of Major Figure in Development of Russian Pharma Industry
2/10/2008 PPD Completes Acquisition of Smolensk CRO
1/10/2008 Support From President Yushchenko for Foreign Drug Manufacturers in Ukraine
1/10/2008 FDA Grants Permission For Export of Antigenics Oncophage to Russia

September 2008

30/9/2008 U.S. Embassy Urges Resolution of Ukrainian Pharma Dispute
30/9/2008 Russian Trade & Industry Minister Visits Obolensk Recombinant Insulin Manufacturer
26/9/2008 Novel Urals Anti-Cancer Drug to Undergo Expanded Clinical Trials
26/9/2008 Clinical Trials of Triazaverin Anti-Viral to be Launched at St. Petersburg Influenza Institute
24/9/2008 Rumours Persist of Imminent Reorganisation of Russian Health Ministry
23/9/2008 Deputy PM Calls for Creation of New Body to Coordinate & Control Russian Biotech
23/9/2008 Gerresheimer Supply Pre-Filled Syringes Production Line to Soteks
18/9/2008 Egypt Strengthens Ties to Azerbaijan Pharma Industry
18/9/2008 Lithuania's Sicor Wins EU Marketing Authorisation for Biosimilar G-CSF
17/9/2008 Biisk Pharma Facility Plans Manufacture of Recombinant Erythropoietin Tablets
16/9/2008 EBRD Invest U.S.$3.65 Million in Uzbek Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
16/9/2008 BioDiem Presents Russian Vaccine Research Data at European Influenza Conference
12/9/2008 Pharmacy Chain 36.6 Sales Increase to U.S.$588.8 Million in H1 2008
11/9/2008 Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Cluster to be Created in Novosibirsk Oblast'
10/9/2008 U.S. Defence Department Upgrades Pathogen Labs in FSU States
10/9/2008 Altai Republic to Create Biopharmaceutical Cluster
10/9/2008 Moscow Administration to Invest U.S.$3.4 Million in Equipment for Manufacture of Recombinant Preparations
8/9/2008 Urals Pharma Production Plant Faces Paralysis
4/9/2008 Russia's Immunopreparat Facility Invests U.S.$3 Million in Vaccine Production Line
3/9/2008 Petrovaks Completes Construction of GMP Influenza Vaccine Plant in Moscow Oblast'
1/9/2008 Choongwae Discuss Construction of U.S.$195 Million Antibiotics Plant in Stavropol'

August 2008

29/8/2008 Biotechnology Cluster to be Created in Kirov Oblast'
29/8/2008 Kirov Factory Invests U.S.$2.4 Million in Production of Biofuel From Wood Waste
27/8/2008 Farmstandard Reports 83 Per Cent Increase in H1 2008 Earnings
27/8/2008 Fire Engulfs Packaging Facility at Nizhnyi Novgorod Bacterial Preparations Plant
26/8/2008 U.S.$3 Million to be Invested in Barnaul' Pharma Factory
25/8/2008 Leading Parliamentarian Praises Advanced Research at Moscow's Institute of Gene Biology
25/8/2008 Minsk Pharmacology & Biochemistry Institute to Cooperate with Colorado University
25/8/2008 Russian Ministry of Health Approves Dong-A's Erectile Dysfunction Drug
22/8/2008 Russia Set to Become One of Top Ten Global Pharma Markets in 2008
20/8/2008 Russian Mechnikov Institute Develops Improved Influenza Vaccine
19/8/2008 Russia's Federal Animal Health Centre (Yur'evets) Marks 50th Anniversary
18/8/2008 Russia's Yunona Plans U.S.$41 Million Investment in Equipment at Pharma Glass Facility
18/8/2008 Russia Develops Draft Strategy for 12-Year Development of Pharma Industry
15/8/2008 Pharmacy Chain 36.6 Sales Increase 46 Per Cent to U.S.$564 Million
8/8/2008 Verofarm's Preliminary H1 Results Indicate 50 Per Cent Rise in Sales to U.S.$86.5 Million
7/8/2008 Russian Biotech Corporation to Invest U.S.$250-300 Million in Irkutsk Biofuels Plant
7/8/2008 Russian Anti-Monopoly Service Targets Pharma Multinationals
7/8/2008 Kyrygyzstan & Canada Discuss Construction of U.S.$38 Million Biological Containment Facility
7/8/2008 IMS Acquires Russia's Leading Provider of National Pharmaceutical Market Intelligence
6/8/2008 Farmapark & Farmstandart to Collaborate with Cuba on Production of Vaccines
6/8/2008 Alkermes Announces Approval of Vivitrol for Treatment of Alcohol Dependence in Russia

July 2008

21/7/2008 B.Braun Complete Purchase of Russian Pharmaceutical Plant
18/7/2008 Russian Anti-Viral May be Effective in Treatment of Tick-Borne Encephalitis
16/7/2008 ANZAG Acquires Majority Stake in Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Armila
16/7/2008 Novosibirsk Company Plans to Manufacture Novel Treatment for Liver Fluke Infection
14/7/2008 Russia's Pharmacy Chain 36.6 Reports 2007 Sales of U.S.$871.1 Million
11/7/2008 Golikova Appointed Head of Russian Biological Security Commission
9/7/2008 Protek Reports Talks with Germany's Phoenix and Britain's Alliance Boots
9/7/2008 Russia Set to Adopt New Biological Security Programme
9/7/2008 Construction Begins of U.S.$12 Million Biofuels Plant in Ukraine
7/7/2008 Pharmaceutical Factory to be Constructed in Kyrgyzstan Free Economic Zone
7/7/2008 Agreement Reached Between RM Global Health & Russia's Vitafarma
3/7/2008 Verofarm's Profits Increase by 41.8 Per Cent to U.S.$21.8 Million in Q1 2008
3/7/2008 Russian Duma's Biotechnology Council Discusses Legislative Reform Within the Pharma Industry
2/7/2008 U.S.$36.5 Million Pharma Antiseptic Plant to be Constructed in Moscow Oblast'
1/7/2008 Russia's Ferein Plans to Create Manufacturing Plant in Belarus

June 2008

30/6/2008 Pakistan's Metrics Research Establishes CRO Alliance with SynRG
30/6/2008 Egyptian Biological Insecticide Technology to be Transferred to Kyrgyzstan
30/6/2008 Russia's 36.6 Records 50.5 Per Cent Increase in Sales
27/6/2008 International Centre for Transfer of Biopharmaceutical Technologies Opens in Moscow
25/6/2008 Max-Well to Upgrade Scientific Library of Lead Ukrainian Biotech Institute
20/6/2008 Putin Calls for Development of Russian Pharmaceutical Industry
20/6/2008 Ekaterinburg Pharma Facility to Launch Manufacture of Novel Anti-Cancer Drug
19/6/2008 Prime Minister Putin Visits Kursk Pharmaceutical Plant
18/6/2008 Russia's Biotekhnologiya Corporation to Manufacture Bioethanol in Vietnam
17/6/2008 Verofarm Sales Grow by 38.8 Per Cent to U.S.$139.5 Million
16/6/2008 Bayer Schering Pharma Signs Cooperation Agreement with Russia's "Soteks"
12/6/2008 Russian Consortium Works on Development of New Drugs
11/6/2008 U.S.$6 Million to be Invested in Kazakh Biotech Manufacturing Plant
10/6/2008 New Biotechnology Cluster to be Created in Novosibirsk
10/6/2008 China's Dongbao to Produce Human Insulin in Penza Factory
9/6/2008 Farmat Opens Class A Pharmaceutical Warehouse Complex Outside Moscow
6/6/2008 Russia's Farmstandard to Hold AGM
6/6/2008 Construction Begins in Russia of U.S.$78 Million Recombinant Insulin Substance Plant

May 2008

29/5/2008 Putin Commits Russia to Spend U.S.$25 Billion on Scientific Research in 2008-2010
23/5/2008 U.S.$120 Million Venture Fund Created for Investment in Russian Biotech
21/5/2008 Egyptian Delegation to Discuss Construction of Pharma Plant in Azerbaijan
21/5/2008 Kazakh Biological Security Institute Marks 50th Anniversary
20/5/2008 Korean Proposal to Create Joint Chemical-Pharmaceutical Venture in Azerbaijan
20/5/2008 Pharm-Olam International Opens St. Petersburg Office
19/5/2008 Triazoverin Anti-Viral Preparation: "One of the Greatest Achievements of Russian Science"
19/5/2008 Teva Ponders U.S.$30-50 Million Investment in Russian Pharma Plant
16/5/2008 Ukraine Displays Strong Commitment to Pharmaceutical IPR Protection
14/5/2008 Profits of Russia's Verofarm Increase by 44.3 Per Cent to U.S.$86.7 Million
14/5/2008 Kazakh Delegation Visits Egyptian Biopharma Facilities
9/5/2008 Gedeon Richter Reports 9.7 Per Cent Growth in CIS for Q1 2008
8/5/2008 Russian Cell Culture Collection Receives Nomination for 2008 Science Prize
7/5/2008 Pharmadule to Participate in Construction of Recombinant Manufacturing Facility in Pushchino
7/5/2008 New Web Site Focuses on Russian Pharma Industry
2/5/2008 Kirov Military Microbiology Institute Develops New Vaccine Technology
1/5/2008 U.S. Biopharmaceutical Companies in Discussions with Kazakh Health Minister

April 2008

21/4/2008 Latvia's Grindex Opens Office in Uzbekistan
21/4/2008 Biotechnology Resource Centre to be Created in Karelia
18/4/2008 U.S.$12 Million Investment Planned in Russia's "Akrikhin" Pharma Plant
17/4/2008 i3 Acquires Russian CRO, Lege Artis
15/4/2008 Death of Leading Russian Molecular Biologist Announced
14/4/2008 Farmstandart's Profits Increase 60 Per Cent to U.S.$128 Million in 2007
14/4/2008 Indian Ministry of Commerce to Establish Pharma Warehouse in Russia
14/4/2008 Leading Global CRO Opens Office in St. Petersburg
11/4/2008 Russia's Valenta to Construct U.S.$50-70 Million Pharma Plant in Shchelkovo
9/4/2008 Iranian & Russian Investors in Negotiations to Construct U.S.$100-120 Million Pharma Plant in Belarus
8/4/2008 TPG Invest U.S.$800 Million in Russia's SIA International
8/4/2008 Russian Approval for Antigenics Oncophage Cancer Vaccine
7/4/2008 "Soteks" Extends Agreement on Human Alpha Erythropoietin

March 2008

31/3/2008 Lithuanian Biotech Companies Record Annual Sales Growth of 22 Per Cent
31/3/2008 Russia's ImDi Sign Contract to Produce ELISA Reagents & Biochips in China
28/3/2008 U.K. & U.S. Participation in Kirov Biotechnology Conference
28/3/2008 "Mikrogen" Offers Avian Influenza Vaccine Collaboration with South-East Asia
27/3/2008 Pharmacy Chain 36.6 Considers Sale of "Verofarm" Subsidiary
27/3/2008 Abramovich Sells His Stake in Russia's "Farmstandart"
26/3/2008 Construction of U.S.$100-120 Million Pharma Plant "Vitunifarm" Planned for Belarus
26/3/2008 Urals Pharmaceutical Holding to Incorporate Manufacturing Plant in Moscow Oblast'
24/3/2008 Max-Well to Open GMP Pharma Manufacturing Facility in Boryspil
14/3/2008 "Agrika" Group Seeks to Acquire U.S.$50 Million Stake in Russian Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company
13/3/2008 Russian Government Biofuels Programme to Embrace Construction of 30 New Plants
13/3/2008 Russian Businessman to Invest U.S.$343 Million in Tambov Biofuel Plant
12/3/2008 Gryzlov Proposes Creation of New Ministry Focusing on Public Health & Pharma Industry
11/3/2008 Preliminary Results Indicate 64.9 Per Cent Sales Growth for Pharmacy Chain 36.6
11/3/2008 Acquisition of Sagmel Strengthens Bayer Presence in Russia/CIS
10/3/2008 Nycomed Reports Sales Growth of 20.9 Per Cent in Russia/CIS
7/3/2008 Russian Pharma Market Grows 20 Per Cent in 2007 to U.S.$11.7 Billion
7/3/2008 Recordati Acquires Direct Presence in Russia & CIS
6/3/2008 Russia's "National Medicines" Company to be Renamed "Valenta"
6/3/2008 Pharmaceutical Imports to Russia Soar to U.S.$4 Billion in First Nine Months of 2007
5/3/2008 Farmstandart Plans U.S.$8.3 Million Investment in Modernisation of Kursk Manufacturing Facilities
4/3/2008 Omsk Company Pursues Construction of U.S.$291 Million Bioethanol Plant
3/3/2008 Ferein Preparing to Transfer Pharma Production to Elektrogorsk

February 2008

28/2/2008 GalenoFarm Granted Manufacturing Licence for Ropren
28/2/2008 Kazakhstan's National Biotechnology Centre Joins Russian Partnership
28/2/2008 Nycomed Ponders Construction of Pharma Plant in Russia
27/2/2008 Russia's "Farm-Sintez" Seeks to Acquire U.S.$15-60 Mln Pharma Plant in France
26/2/2008 UK Biological Redirection Projects Focus on Georgia
26/2/2008 Ekaterinburg's Yunona Plans to Invest U.S.$74.25 Mln in Plant for Manufacture of Recombinant Insulin Substance
22/2/2008 Russian Press Highlights Acquisition of Luxury Mercedes by Novosibirsk Virology Centre
22/2/2008 AsisChem Adds 6,000 New Compounds to Catalogue
20/2/2008 U.S.$11.3 Million Investment Planned for Russia's "Akrikhin" Plant
20/2/2008 Russian Academy to Pursue U.S.$10 Million Programme in Molecular & Cell Biology
19/2/2008 New Clinical Trials Approvals in Russia Increase by 23 Per Cent
18/2/2008 Death of Director of Siberian Plague Research Centre Announced
15/2/2008 Russia's "Biopreparat" Company Outlines Plans for Creation of National Biopharmaceutical Corporation
15/2/2008 Farmstandart Records Net Sales of U.S.$446 Million in 2007
14/2/2008 Growth of Russian Pharmaceutical Production Exceeds 5 Per Cent in 2007
13/2/2008 Russia Ready to Invest Part of India’s Outstanding Rupee-Debt in Pharma Projects
13/2/2008 Russian Biotech Partnership Celebrates 5th Anniversary
13/2/2008 Arterium (Kiev) Pharma Manufacturing Divisions Record Substantive Profit Increase
8/2/2008 Russia's "Vektor" to Complete Phase II Clinical Trials of Human Avian Influenza Vaccine by Mid-2008
7/2/2008 PPD, Inc. Acquires Smolensk CRO
6/2/2008 U.S. Equips Dangerous Pathogens Lab in Ukraine
6/2/2008 Verofarm Records Net Sales of U.S.$140 Million
5/2/2008 Russian Ministry to Protect Pharmaceuticals Industry From "Unscrupulous Western Competitors"
1/2/2008 Kazakhstan Launches Industrial Production of Veterinary Avian Influenza Vaccine
1/2/2008 Uzbekistan to Invest U.S.$26.6 Million in Modernisation of Pharmaceutical Industry
1/2/2008 Celesio Considers Russian Pharma Market to be One of the Most Attractive Outside of the EU

January 2008

31/1/2008 Solagran Discuss Strategic Partnership in Russia/CIS with Menarini Group
30/1/2008 Russia's "Vektor" Virology Centre Receives U.S.$0.7 Million in 2007 for Protection Against Terrorism
29/1/2008 UK's Raven Russia Completes & Lets First Phase of Istra Pharma Logistics Complex
29/1/2008 Kirov University Acquires U.S.$4.2 Million HP Biotechnology Supercomputer
28/1/2008 Nycomed Consider U.S.$81 Million Proposal for Construction of Pharma Plant in Saratov Region
25/1/2008 Sopharma Acquires 74.1 Per Cent Stake in Ukraine's "Vitaminy" Company
23/1/2008 Farmstandart Buys U.S.$10 Million Stake in Dipaka Trading Limited
23/1/2008 German Company Signs Agreement to Construct €35 Million Biofuel Plant in Elan'
23/1/2008 Farmstandart Announces Long-Term Collaboration with Latvia's Grindex
22/1/2008 Russia's "Vektor" Launches Phase II Clinical Trials of Intranasal Influenza Vaccine
21/1/2008 Russian Company Plans Construction of €10 Million Pharma Plant in Bavaria
18/1/2008 U.S. & Kazakhstan Embark Upon Collaborative Plague Research
18/1/2008 Founder of Latvia's Grindex Steps Down as Chairman of the Board
18/1/2008 U.S.$15.6 Million Production Unit to be Commissioned by Grindex in 2008
18/1/2008 Rate of Growth of Russian Pharmaceutical Market May Slow in 2008
18/1/2008 Acute Problems at Irbit Chemical-Pharmaceutical Factory
17/1/2008 Bryntsalov-A Counterfeiting Case Subject to Further Postponement
16/1/2008 EurAsEC Leaders to Discuss Development of Inter-State Biotechnology Programme
15/1/2008 IMS Health Acquires Leading Russian Pharma Marketing & Consultancy Agency
15/1/2008 U.S.$20 Million to be Invested in Russia's First Biofuel Plant
14/1/2008 Turkey's Deva Holding Opens Offices in Uzbekistan & Azerbaijan
10/1/2008 Russia to Spend U.S.$41 Million on HIV Vaccine Research & Monitoring in 2008-2010
10/1/2008 MaxWell USA Joins U.S.-Ukraine Business Council
10/1/2008 Armenian Biotechnology Facility Transfers Amino Acids Production Technology to Degussa-Rexim
8/1/2008 Russian Agency Grants Patents for Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease and Alcoholism
7/1/2008 Alkermes to Commercialise Vivitrol in Russia/CIS
7/1/2008 Cambrex Acquire Estonian R & D Company
4/1/2008 ISTC Organises International Seminar in Moscow on Drug Design & Development
3/1/2008 Egypt to Invest in Azeri Pharmaceutical Production Facility
3/1/2008 Kazakhstan to Construct Large-Scale Pharma Manufacturing Plant
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